Saturday, May 14, 2005

Refreshment, ala Yoga

Last night I was dead tired. I spent too much time in the car traveling to Wisconsin. Then we did setup. Then we manned the exhibit booth at the Yoga Journal Conference.

Here I am blogging in the exhibit booth for Posted by Hello

The wristbands are moving well. We're adding to the yoga community's gift of aid to the victims of the Asian Tsunami.

It's SO great to meet and get to know yogis from all over the mid-west U.S., and beyond.

After we shut the booth down for the evening, we waited in the hall outside of the ballroom for the start of the keynote presentation by Rodney Yee. I was exhausted. And my eyes were drooping. I thought I wouldn't be able to stay awake.

But I was among yogis, so I didn't feel bad at all about getting down on the floor and swinging my legs up to rest on the wall in viparita karani, what most people call "legs-up-the-wall pose.

legs-up-the-wall pose Posted by Hello

It's probably the most refreshing and restful pose I know. And it really came in handy. Boring waiting was transformed into restoration.

I was able to quickly re-energize and enjoy Rodney's remarks about selfless service. What a fantastic message.

Great advice, indeed. If your energy is flagging, get upside-down in legs-up-the-wall pose, and give of yourself to serve others!

Don't just read about it. Get up. Experience it. Experience yoga!

Kevin Perry

p.s., Viparita is translated as "inverted" or "upside-down." And here's a confession: I've never encountered a consistent interpretation of the Sanskrit word karani. Some people say it means "a particular type of practice." Some people call viparita karani the "inverted lake posture." We talk about quirks like this in my Experience Sanskrit workshop all the time. And we do it with one goal in mind--to make it memorable. With a little bit of fun and a handful of memorable stories you can learn and remember the Sanskrit names of yoga poses with ease. Click here to find out more about our Experience Sanskrit workshop coming up June 25, 2005 at the Saint Louis YogaSource. When you participate in the Experience Sanskrit workshop you get to take home a 100-page course guide free. It's included in your $50 registration fee.

p.p.s., If you're new to yoga and you want to make the transition between only studying yoga at class to doing yoga on your own at home, I strongly recommend viparita karani. This was THE pose that got me doing yoga at home. I would come home from work every night and put my feet up for sometimes as long as 20 minutes. It's absolutely transformative. From there, my practice grew and grew. Yours will too, if you do it.

p.p.s., The ancients make some of the boldest claims ever about viparita karani. Consider this excerpt from the 3rd chapter of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

79. This exercise increases the appetite; and, therefore, one who practices it, should obtain a good supply of food. If the food be scanty, it will burn him at once.

80. Place the head on the ground and the feet up into the sky, for a second only the first day, and increase this time daily.

81. After six months, the wrinkles and grey hair are not seen. He who practices it daily, even for two hours, conquers death.

Do it now! It feels great and it's great for you.

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