Monday, July 11, 2005

A Powerful Update

It's been at least 5 days since I wrote the last Daily Yoga Tip.

I just wanted you to know I'm all set to get one out later today that I think you'll enjoy.

My wife and daughter are out of town, travelling back East, visitng old friends. I am at home working, doing a bit of business travel, and tending to our dogs. So, I've been busy.

I went to a party Saturday evening and met up with several readers of my Daily Yoga Tip.

The comments were very encouraging.

One of my readers got her whole family to participate in the media fast I suggested in my last message. They were on day 3 and really benefitting from it.

You can read about it at:

Give it a go. You won't regret it.

Don't just read about it. Get up. Experience it. Experience yoga!

Kevin Perry

p.s., I've got power on my mind. Consider the power of Hurricane Dennis. And the power of the explosions in the London subway. Some tremendous forces are at work in our lives. Intentions, prayers, and meditation are powerfully effective. My prayers go out today for the victims of these tragedies.

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