Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Renewed Practice

Hi everyone. I'm back.

Here's a special hello to all of you new Daily Yoga Tip readers in Texas. It's great to hear from you. Thank you for your comments and subscription requests.

For you readers who aren't in Texas, I'll clue you in. As Texans in the Dallas area find out about our Nov. 5 Experience Sanskrit workshop, they're also checking out the Daily Yoga Tip and subscribing. That means we're adding new readers every day.

Today I spent all afternoon at the Show Me Yoga Center Natural Health Fair. Happily, I talked to many of you Daily Yoga Tip readers. It was great to visit with you.

I heard your mesasge loud and clear: We read your Daily Yoga Tip and where have you been? We miss it!

Well...I'll admit I didn't know you enjoyed these Daily Yoga Tips and benefitted from them so much. Thank you for letting me know.

So where have I been? I've been asking for, interviewing, negotiating, and getting a new job. And I've been giving notice at my current job and doing all the things I need to do to transition out. It's been stressful, thrilling, time-consuming and exciting.

I haven't written a Daily Yoga Tip in so long I am starting to hear my own advice in my head. Physician, heal thyself.

Here's the advice. When things go bad, keep doing your practice. When you've been sick, or when the Holidays interrupt your routine, or when family crises distract you, keep practicing yoga. It's the steadfast reliance on your practice that will get you through the not-so-ordinary hills and valleys of life.

Healthy people don't drop their "maintenance" routines when life throws them a curve ball. You don't stop brushing your teeth when a project at work gets complicated. You don't stop eating when your in-laws visit unexpectedly. So don't stop practicing yoga.

It's an essential. It helps you when unexpected circumstances arise.

...just like writing this Daily Yoga Tip helps me. It helps me sort out my thoughts and clarify my convictions. It's an important practice for me. I'm committed to it. I'm going to keep doing it, through thick or thin.

Patanjali reminds us that a practice is firmly established when it's done uninterrupted, with true devotion, for a long time.

Join me in renewing your practice today.

Don't just read about it. Get up. Experience it. Experience yoga!

Kevin Perry

p.s., You can still enroll in the Experience Sanskrit workshop in Dallas BEFORE the price goes up. Don't wait. Tuition goes up from $50 to $60 in just a few days. You can enroll at . Sallie Keeney and I have been communicating almost daily now with our host Shannon Buffington at the Surya Center for Yoga in Coppell (near DFW airport). We are really excited to be doing the Experience Sanskrit workshop there. Don't miss this fun and unforgettable 4-hour workshop designed to help you learn and remember the Sanskrit names of yoga poses.

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