Monday, November 21, 2005

Harry's Adventure of Self-Discovery

Wow. A week just flew by. And I've been thinking of you every day. But I haven't managed to get anything written...until now.

I spent much of Saturday evening in the theater with my wife and daughter. The theater was completely full as hundreds of viewers of all ages sat glued to the screen. Talk about focus and attention! It was amazing.

We were watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was quite enjoyable.

We like to check in with each other after any movie, play or other performance. Usually we're out in the car in the parking lot when someone blurts out, "What was your favorite part?"

Just so you won't feel left out, I'm going to tell you my favorite parts, in the order that I liked them. (All of you Harry Potter fanatics, please forgive my errors. I know I don't have it exactly right.):

1) The best part of the whole movie for me was the unusual blue hats worn by the girls from Beauxbatons Academy of the Magically Gifted. I have no way to describe them well. But they're blue and they're sort of shaped like a jaunty Hershey's kiss. I think I like them because they're completely unusual. I'm not very fashion focused. So these hats could be worn by everyone everywhere and I wouldn't know. But I liked 'em. (I suppose that says more about me than it does about the movie.)

2) I liked the fact that all the girls from the Beauxbatons only drank single malt Scotch. I think this is the rebel in me. I'm sort of sick of America's current educational fixation on the "zero tolerance policy." I'm proud of J.K. Rowling for spoofing the fact that kids don't need to be spoon fed everything.

3) I really liked it when the Headmistress of the Beauxbatons Academy plucked some sort of creeping critter from Hagrid's beard and without hesitating, like any good grooming primate, she popped it in her mouth and swallowed! Yummy.

By the way, her name is Olympe Maxime and she stood at least two heads taller than the giant Hagrid. Impressive!

4) We're getting closer to yoga now. I haven't forgotten that this is a Daily YOGA Tip.

I liked that Harry Potter prevailed in the Triwizard Tournament by not just looking out for himself.

In the second challenge of the Triwizard Tournament, Harry Potter used his skills not only to rescue his friend Ron from underwater doom, he also saved the little sister of his rival Fleur Delacour.

In the maze, the third challenge of the Tournament, the creeping vines were dragging down Harry's school mate Cedric, just when the winning trophy came into sight. Harry went back and freed his friend from the vines so that they could share the victory by touching the trophy at the same time.

When I saw this I was reminded of a passage from Deepak Chopra's book called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. Dr. Chopra indentifies The Law of Dharma (or Purpose in Life) as the last of the seven Laws of yoga. The Law of Dharma, he says, states that every sentient being has a purpose in life.

The Law of Dharma has three major components: 1) Your ultimate purpose is to come to know your higher Self, your True nature, 2) You should acknowledge and express your unique gifts and abilities (like Harry), and 3) You should serve others. Your unique abilities are given to you so that you can help others. He suggests you should always ask, "How can I serve?" and "How can I help?"

Lastly, Chopra provides a definition I really like. He says, "Yoga is action in accordance with dharma. Moving your body with awareness and impeccability is the essence of a life in harmony with the laws of nature."

I'm not a huge Harry fan. But I know enough about the stories to know that Harry's path through the years at Hogwart's Academy is simply one event after another in which Harry can discover and uncover his True Nature.

In your yoga practice today, do as Dr. Chopra suggests, "notice the postures that you enter into easily and use this information to become more intimate with your nature." "Celebrate your natural talents even as you strive to develop other ones in yoga and in your life." ( p. 72)

Don't just read about it. Get up. Experience it. Experience yoga!

Kevin Perry

p.s., Mermaids play a very important role in the just-released Harry Potter movie. Did you know there's a pose commonly known as "the mermaid pose?"

I know it as Bharadvajasana. Unfortunately, when you translate the Sanskrit word roots that make up the name bharadvajasana it comes out to "the pose dedicated to the great sage Bharadvaja." Mmmmmmm. I don't know about you, but I don't see any mention of the word mermaid in that translation.

Therein lies one of the great problems with learning the Sanskrit names of yoga poses. Often the common name of a yoga pose has nothing at all to do with the Sanskrit name. I have a suggestion for how you can solve that problem. But you have to come to the Experience Sanskrit workshop to find out!

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p.p.s., You don't have to go to seven years of school at Hogwart's Academy to experience an Adventure of Self-Discovery. But you can come with us, across the border, to the beatiful coastal village of Yelapa for a week of incredible beauty and Anusara-inspired yoga instruction that's just like the gems you get from these Daily Yoga Tips.

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