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Experience Neti Flow

Get Rid of Sinus Headaches, Chronic Colds, Post-Nasal Drip, and Allergy Irritated Eyes & Runny Nose with Ancient Yoga Practice

If you've been looking for a way to rid yourself of chronic sinus problems, post-nasal drip, frequent coughs and colds, headaches, and fatigue, do what the ancient yogis did. Start the daily hygenic practice of nasal washing using a neti pot.

Nasal washing? Neti pot? I can hear you now. "That too weird for me."

Well, it's not weird. It works.

Just like bathing keeps your skin clean and healthy. And brushing your teeth keeps your teeth and gums healthy.

Cleaning your upper respiratory system with a daily nasal wash works, too! It keeps your breathing passages clean, healthy and humidified.

It's easy and it's quick. And it works.

You just don't know it works. Until you try it.

How Do I Do It?

It's simple:
Put warm water in a cup with a long spout.
Add a pinch of salt.
Tip your head to one side.
Pour the solution into one nostril.
Then, let it drain out of the other side.

When you're done, your nasal passages are clean, clear and properly humidified.

You feel great. You breathe easier.

And you've helped your body get rid of pollutants, dust, allergens, and the mucus that your body creates to move irritants out of the respiratory system. They're gone.

Immune System Boost

If your body is not using its valuable energy to clean the crud out of your breathing pipes, what is it doing with all of that energy?

It's producing vibrant, good health for you! You'll feel great. And you'll have more energy.

But I'm Not Sick

So if you NOT sick... If you don't battle colds and sinus headaches... If you never get bronchitis...daily nasal washing using a neti pot is still for you.

With a quick minute each day, you can avoid these problems.

And you can feel better than ever since your body won't be wasting its energy fighting off the effects of every irritant you breathe in.

I'm not sick either. I don't have allergies. And I don't get sinus headaches.

But the gift of breathing easier is incredible. You won't know until you try.

By the way, some of my students say that when their bed partners use a neti pot before bed, they don't snore. Others say it gets rid of bad breath!

Why Doesn't My Doctor Recommend This?

Many doctors DO recommend washing the sinuses regularly.

But most know nothing about it. They know nothing about it simply because they weren't taught.

You were taught to bathe regularly. You were taught to brush your teeth.

But did anyone at home teach you to purify your nasal passages with warm flowing water? I doubt it.

Did they decide not to teach you this because they wanted you to have upper respiratory illnesses and fatigue. No!

They didn't teach you because they didn't know.

Now You Know

They didn't know. But now you know.

It's an easy, simple habit that you can add to your morning routine, once you learn how.

How do I learn?

You can learn how to give yourself this incredible health boost from an experienced teacher.

You can experience the benefits of neti flow at our upcoming workshop "Experience Neti Flow" at Garden of the Heart Yoga Center in Sarasota, Florida. Saturday, January 6, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm.

Tuition is $34 and includes a neti pot for you to use and take home. (If you bring your own neti pot, tuition is $22.)

When you participate in this workshop, you get a free neti pot, valued at $14, to use and take home with you. And you get a take-home report that answers your questions and guides you as you go.

Here's some of the inside information you will learn at the Experience Neti Flow workshop. You'll learn:
  • What you should do after you've rinsed your nasal passages.

  • Why the water you use makes a big difference in your experience.

  • Why I never blow my nose after using a neti pot.

  • Why, now that I use a neti pot, I try to never blow my nose, ever.

  • How to get the water temperture just right.

  • The problem you can avoid when the water is too warm.

  • What you should do if there is simply "no flow."

  • What you should do before you start your nasal wash.

  • Why the drug store kits featuring saline spray and "retain and drain" systems don't work well.

  • What it should feel like.

  • What other yoga practices you can do to enhance upper respiratory and sinus health.

  • How you should use your neti pot when you're congested.

  • What simple daily habits you can develop that will give your immune system an additional break.

  • and much more.
Most of all, you will benefit from being guided by two experienced yoga instructors, Kevin Perry & Sallie Keeney. We've been teaching students for years how to safely and immediately apply the lessons of yoga in their lives.

Don't just read about it. Get up. Experience it. Experience yoga!

Kevin Perry

p.s., Sallie and I are also teaching the Experience Sanskrit workshop on Saturday January 5, 2008 at Garden of the Heart Yoga Center in Sarasota, Florida. Click here to register.

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