Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Yogis Contribute $5,725 to Tsunami Relief through www.WearOrange.org

April 19, 2005. Sallie Keeney, right, presents Melissa Friel, Executive Director of the Capital Area Red Cross, with a check for $643 for Tsunami relief from www.WearOrange.org Posted by Hello

Did you know that the yoga community world wide has donated $5,725 to the American Red Cross for Asian Tsunami relief aid?

So many other stories are hot in the news: a new Pope, Terry Schiavo, iPods, American Idol. You name it, there are hundreds of reasons to forget about the victims of the Asian Tsunami.

But you don't have to forget. You can still help. Just buy an orange I DO YOGA wristband at www.WearOrange.org. For every wristband sold, $1 is donated directly to the American Red Cross for Tsunami relief.

Here's what my orange wristband looks like as I sit at the wheel of my pick up truck. Posted by Hello

Even though my arm looks funny, the wristbands look great. Double click on the pic to see a larger version.

The Devangari script of Patanjali's first YogaSutra is inscribed on one side: atha yoganushasanam. It means "now, yoga" or "now is the time for the exposition of yoga."

The phrase I DO YOGA is inscribed on the other side.

Here's something no one else knows about. Just you! When we ordered our wristbands from China the manufacturer threw in some extra wristbands, as samples, in colors we didn't order.

So we now have just a few, very rare, I DO YOGA wristbands that we will soon give away!

Two sets of rare I DO YOGA wristbands in gold, purple and blue Posted by Hello

Two of you will be the lucky winners. When you win, you'll have something no one else has. They just don't exist!

Each of the two winners will receive a set of three I DO YOGA wristbands, in the colors you see in the picture above, gold, purple and blue.

What do you have to do to win? We haven't set the deadline yet, but soon we will. All you need to do is take a digital pic of you (or anyone!) wearing the orange I DO YOGA wristband. Submit your picture now, so you won't miss the deadline.

The picture can be of you alone, or a group of people. You can be doing yoga, or anything else.

It can even be a picture of someone wearing the I DO YOGA wristband at a famous or unusual landmark. The leaning tower of Pisa! The Capitol steps. The Louvre. Whatever! But we've got to be able to see the orange I DO YOGA wristband in the picture.

One winner will be drawn at random. The other winner will be selected by Sallie and me as the one we like the best. So get busy. Start taking your pictures. And email them to us at info@wearorange.org.

More contest details will follow. Until then check back here to view the pics we'll be posting.

Submitting your pic constitutes your giving permission for us to post it. We do not guarantee that we will post all entries.

Thanks everyone. Get busy. Go get a wristband and take a picture, too.

PLEASE pass this information on to your yoga friends. It's a great opportunity to have fun and help the victims of the Asian Tsunami. They still need our help.

Kevin Perry

p.s., Speaking of iPods...did you catch that reference above? Everyone who buys an orange I DO YOGA wristband from our booth at the Yoga Journal Conference coming up May 13-16 in Grand Geneva, WI will be eligible to win a drawing for TWO iPods we are giving away! Can you stand the excitement?

Here they are. Two iPod Shuffles that will be given away at the MayYoga Journal Conference in Wisconsin. Posted by Hello

If you know someone who is going to the Yoga Journal Conference in Wisconsin, will you please email this message to them by clicking on that little icon below that looks like an envelope with an arrow on it? Thanks!

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