Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Precious Cargo Atop Her Head

Woe is me!

How on earth could I have written an entire message about balancing weight on the top of your head without mentioning the Pie Ladies of Yelapa?

This is an egregious error...

about to be corrected.

In January Sallie Keeney, JennTara Ward, and I led a group of yogis from the U.S. to beautiful, sunny Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico.

The weather was gorgeous. The water and beaches, unbelievable. The people, including our yoga group, were warm and friendly. It was a memorable week. I began to plan my return trip to Yelapa immediately.

Sallie Keeney bridging on the beach in Yelapa. Posted by Hello

One of the high points of my visit to Yelapa was the afternoon visit from my favorite Pie Lady, Augustina. Words cannot describe the joy she brings. And get this...she brings it perched atop her head. Pie. Incredibly good pie.

Augustina, my favorite Yelapa Pie Lady, balancing precious cargo on her head: PIE! Posted by Hello

I'll admit, I tried every flavor. And I'm still debating which is best. Possibly pecan.

I ate pie everyday in Yelapa and gained no weight! That's magical.

Augustina, the Pie Lady of Yelapa, featuring...the pie. Posted by Hello

Will you please consider, right now, coming to Yelapa with Sallie and me this coming January? You will NOT be disappointed.

Lucas and the staff at Hotel Lagunita are amazing.

You can make your reservations now at http://experienceyoga.org/vacations.asp. Meals, lodging and yoga are included at $900 per person for double occupancy and $1150 per person, single occupancy. Air fare to Puerto Villarta is not included.

Don't just read about it. Get up. Experience it. Experience yoga! And PIE, too!

Kevin Perry

p.s., You just cannot imagine how beautiful and secluded Yelapa is. Email me if you have questions (info@experienceyoga.org) or call at 573 680-6737.

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