Sunday, January 29, 2006

After the Airline

I'm writing you from Lisa Marshall's house in Coppell, TX. Yesterday we were in Fort Worth and had the opportunity to meet a great group of yogis who joined us for the afternoon for another exciting edition of the Experience Sanskrit workshop!

Later this morning, Lisa and her partner Shannon Buffington are hosting Sallie and me as we teach an Anusara-inspired asana workshop at Surya Center for Yoga here in Coppell.

Lisa and Shannon have been wonderful hosts! We are thrilled to be here.

Last night Shannon picked us up in Fort Worth and taxied us to Lisa's house. We sat down for a great evening meal and then headed for the bathroom on the main level of Lisa's place, where...

We conducted a mini-Neti pot laboratory. We worked with Lisa and Shannon to smooth out some of the bumps they were running into as they have launched their regular practice of using the neti pot.

In the process of working with Lisa and Shannon, I used the neti pot several times. Guess what? IT FELT GREAT. I hadn't had the opportunity since touching down in Texas to do the nasal rinse yet. This was the first, and it was fantastic.

Did you know that when you travel on a jet airplane, once you get up to altitude the pressurized cabin offers you only one option for the air you breathe? That option is recirculated air. Yummy. Not.

When you fly, don't foget to drink lots of fresh water. And when you hit the ground, rinse out your sinuses using the ancient yogic practice of jala neti.

Don't just read about it. Get up. Experience it. Experience yoga!
Kevin Perry

p.s., We can't wait to meet you at the Experience Sanskrit workshop this coming Saturday at the Twisted Guru in Downingtown, PA. It's a fun, four-hour workshop that makes learning and remembering the Sanskrit yoga pose names unforgettable. Register here.

If you live in the Chicago area, we just set a date in Downers Grove. We'll be there at Yoga Among Friends on April 1st. More details will be available later this week.

p.p.s., Yelapa is calling you. Experience Paradise in sunny Yelapa Mexico. If you've enjoyed these Daily Yoga Tips, you'll really enjoy the live yoga training you'll receive from me and Sallie Keeney when we return to Yelapa February 18-25. Register here. Spaces is still available.
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