Thursday, December 29, 2005

Aparigraha, A True Story

I love Christmas. There's so much excitement, wonder and anticipation, mostly when you're around young children. It's infectious.

But then there's the ugly side. People driven by greed and status do some pretty horrible things this time of year when it comes to spending money, going into debt, and aquiring material goods at any cost.

That's why I so enjoyed a story I read today about a San Jose, CA woman, Thea Sawyer.

She bought candy at a See's store at the mall. Later, she opened her bag and discovered that the woman who helped her at the store counter accidentally dropped the ring off her finger into the shopping bag! The ring was valued at nearly $3,000.

Wanda Estrada was thrilled to get her ring back. It had been given to her by her late sister.

The people at Helzberg Diamonds were thrilled, too. They were so impressed by Ms. Sawyer's honesty and integrity, they presented her with a diamond ring worth $2,500!

What did Thea do? She said she enjoyed being rich for a day, but she intended to auction the ring off on eBay to raise money for charity!

Here's what Ms. Sawyer told reporters:
"I believe that you don't take more than your share and this is more than my share.''
Amazing. Did I mention Thea Sawyer is yoga teacher?

Not only does she walk the walk, but she talks the talk. When asked, she can say why she does what she does.

What she's talking about is a quality that Patanjali says we should cultivate. It's one of the five yamas. It's called aparigraha, and it means avoiding the accumlation of material objects out of covetousness and greed.

This story is so appropriate for this Experience Yoga Daily Yoga Tip because it shows so clearly, in a way you can experience, the happiness and joy produced when she practiced yoga. She practiced aparigraha. She refused to chase after and struggle to hold on to more than she needed. It's beautiful.

If you'd like to read her story it's here.
There's a fun video clip here.

I hope you've had an abundant 2005. May your 2006 be filled with joy and contentment.

Don't just read about it. Get up. Experience it. Experience yoga!

Kevin Perry

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