Monday, April 04, 2005

Sallie Says Suck It In at Yoga Sculpt, Sundays

I talked to my good friend and fellow yoga teacher Sallie Keeney this morning. She was WAY excited about the room-ful of students she taught this weekend in her new "Yoga Sculpt" class.

Sallie said she and her students were playing with their transverse abdominus muscles.

transverse abdominus muscles Posted by Hello

The transverse abdominus is used to draw the navel back toward the spine.

Go ahead, give it a try. (I'll wait.)

What I really liked was this: they tried to do other distracting and strenuous activities while maintaining tone in the travsverse abdominus.

When I draw my navel back (in yoga, it's called uddiyana bandha) during most activities, including yoga, I feel more stable, secure, and taller. Often, low back pain fades away.

So if you want to be taller, thinner and experience stability that frees you from back pain, lengthen your spine and pull your navel back.

(You'll also notice it makes breathing harder. But you'll have to ask me if you want to hear more about what to do about that.)

Maybe you'll discover what I notice. I notice that when I'm distracted (by almost anything), uddiyana bandha, which means 'flying up,' flies away. I lose it. Quickly.

And when I work hard or strain, I bear down and push my abdominal wall out, away from my spine. One of my early yoga teachers called this maneuver the Buddha belly.

When the going gets tough, I let go of the thing that is good for me. But when it really gets tough, I do the exact opposite of what's good!

I've got some more practice to do.

If you do too, join Sallie at her new Yoga Sculpt class, Sundays, 2:35 pm at Show Me Yoga Center, Jefferson City.

Don't just read about it. Get up. Experience it. Experience yoga!

Kevin Perry

p.s., Have you benefitted from your study of yoga? But, for some reason, the going got tough. Now you're not studying at all. Maybe you're distracted, like I described above. Or, maybe you're really working hard. I talked about that above, too. Yoga is just like using your transverse abdominus. Even if you're not doing it now, you can start again at any time. Experience yoga today. Find a teacher. Go to class.

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