Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Toes Up Against Your Arch Enemy

The arches of your feet have many enemies. I wrote Sunday about how gaining weight or pounding your feet on a hard surface could lead to a flattening of the arches and an irritation of the plantar fascia.

A great way to re-form the natural shape of the arches is to sit on your feet in vajrasana, the thunderbolt pose.

The woman on the right is sitting in thunderbolt pose, vajrasana Posted by Hello can't always plop down and sit like that throughout the,

I like this exercise because you can do it all the time, any time.

It's simple. While standing, lift all ten of your toes up off the ground.

Sometimes it's hard to really lift your toes up. Posted by Hello

Just lift your toes up! Posted by Hello

Then spread your toes, stretch them long, and rest them back on the floor. Repeat...often.

Spread and stretch your toes.
Posted by Hello

When you lift your toes up, see if you can feel your arches tone and lift. You should intend for your arches to lift. As you get better at this, you'll feel the feeling of your arches lifting more vividly.

Regular practice will make your feet stronger.

Don't just read about it. Get up. Experience it. Experience yoga!

Kevin Perry

p.s., The contents of this message are not to be considered as medical advice. Always consult a physician before beginning or changing any fitness program.

p.p.s., Here's a fun variation.

A fun variation.. Posted by Hello

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