Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wave and Pause

I'm writing today from Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico.

Sallie and I are here with a beautiful group of yogis, from all over...Alaska, New York, Missouri, and Oregon.

We're having a wonderful time.

We just arrived yesterday, after a day of travel that began for me at 3 am. It was an incredibly frigid 7 degree temperature we stood in as we waited for the shuttle bus to pick us up from long-term parking.

Believe me, the tranformation in one day is incredible.

A few hours later we were in Mexico, where everything, including the weather is different.

I'm brought to a complete standstill as I just stand here gazing out at the ocean. Incredible. It's captivating. It stops me dead in my tracks and interrupts me from the busy-ness of my daily life.

Even when I'm not looking at the ocean I can hear it everywhere I go, here.

The waves come in and out. After the sound of one wave, there's a pause. Then, there's the sound of the next.

I was listening to this as I sat this morning in our 7:00 am meditation class. I was a bit surprised to notice that automatically my breath started to sync up with the pattern of the sounds of the waves.

The more I relaxed, the more my breath just naturally paused at the end of each inhale and exhale.

That's my tip for today, from sunny Yelapa. Sit down and pay attention to your breath today. As you let go of tension and busy-ness, notice that at the end of each inhale and exhale, there's a natural inclination toward a beautiful, relaxing pause.

Let it happen.

Don't just read about it. Get up. Experience it. Experience yoga!

Kevin Perry

p.s., The Sanskrit word of the day from my last Daily Yoga Tip was vrksa. Vrksa means tree, as in palm trees. There are plenty here. My apologies to all you botanists who may know better if they in fact are not palm trees.

p.p.s., Today's Sanskrit word of the day is surya. I'll tell you what it means next time.

p.p.p.s, When we get back to the U.S. We'll be turning around and heading right out to Annapolis, Maryland for the Experience Sanskrit workshop on March 4th. There are only one or two places left open for this workshop. So if you want to participate, click over to and register today.

The Experience Sanskrit workshop on March 18 in St. Charles, MO is sold out! No more registrations will be accepted, but you can come and be with us on April 8 in Downers Grove, IL. We'll be at Yoga Among Friends starting at 1 pm. Register at By the way, this is a date change! April 8 is the accurate date (not April 1). See you there!

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