Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Put a Little Bounce in Your Wellness Routine

Another day in a hotel room.

If you read my tip yesterday, you know I'm in Kansas City on a business trip. Travel can be a hassle when you're trying to take care of yourself with healthy food, restful sleep and mind/body training.

When I travel I like to do something I never do at home (I guess my mom trained me well.) I bounce on the bed.

I'm sure you remember REALLY bouncing on the bed (or should I say JUMPING on the bed) when you were a kid. It was a sure way to really get adults mad at you.

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So I save my bed bouncing for when I'm using the hotel's bed. I just sit on the edge of the bed and gently bounce up and down for six to eight minutes.

It's easy, it feels good. And it's great for your lymphatic system. When your lymph, which tends to get thick and sludgy, is moving freely, your immune system funtions better. You get rid of some waste materials more efficiently. Bouncing, gently and enjoyably, helps keep the lymph moving.

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The lymphatic system, unlike the vascular system, has no muscular pump of its own. So you can help it out by getting on the ball.

When I'm at home I bounce most days on one of those big Swiss balls.

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And my students begin each Breakthrough Training class with at least 5 minutes of bouncing. It makes you feel great. And often it makes me feel happy--like a kid again.

Don't just read about it. Get up. Experience it. Experience yoga!

Kevin Perry

p.s., I wrote about how practicing inverted poses also helps drain your lymphatic system in one of the very first Daily Yoga Tips I wrote. You can read it at

p.s.s., I teach Breatkthrough Training classes at Show Me Yoga center in Jefferson City, MO on Mondays (5:30 pm), Wednesdays (7 pm), and Thursdays (noon). Click here for a description of the Breakthrough Training progarm. Or read about it on the News Tribune web site.

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